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Does Cazoomi sync Zendesk and NetSuite?

Yes! Get started today here...

Major Features

  • Select the Sync Mode right for your NetSuite.
  • 4 Supported integration modes: Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite Case (One way ticket sync) | NetSuite Case to Zendesk Ticket (One way ticket sync) | Sync Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite Case only if NetSuite Case does not exist. Sync NetSuite Case update to Zendesk Ticket | Do not sync Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite.
  • Sync Zendesk tickets to NetSuite cases.
  • Option to sync only Zendesk tickets to NetSuite with a specified tag.
  • Migrate NetSuite Cases to Zendesk Tickets.
  • Sync Zendesk users to NetSuite contacts.
  • Sync NetSuite customers to Zendesk users. (Feature turned on by request)
  • Add or Update contact details in Zendesk with NetSuite contact data.
  • Custom Zendesk Apps for NetSuite available for Enterprise subscribers. (Last 5 Sales orders, Balances + Search feature & more)
  • The Zendesk App currently supports the following features: Search NetSuite Customer from Zendesk Ticket | View NetSuite Sales Orders in Zendesk | Custom Records Tab (Warranty, RMA) build to your NetSuite specifications
  • Sync all Zendesk ticket comments to NetSuite support case messages.
  • Sync all NetSuite support case messages to Zendesk comments.
  • Zendesk to NetSuite time tracking. Zendesk Time Tracking app ( must be installed in Zendesk.
  • Custom Field Mapping between NetSuite Case, Customer and Zendesk Ticket, User, Organization. (Customization available upon request for NetSuite SFA objects like Sales Orders, Invoices, Products, etc.)
  • Free access to our first Enterprise Import App, "Bulk Zendesk Organization Update", to Update Zendesk Orgs name, Import unlimited records to Zendesk, Quickly import user's time zone, or photo, or language preference, etc. (Enterprise Plans only)

Add Custom Zendesk Apps to pull in financial data from NetSuite like Sales Orders, Invoices, look-up Serial Numbers & Customers or create RMAs from Zendesk + more...

The Zendesk App currently supports the following features:

  • Search NetSuite Customer from Zendesk Ticket
  • View NetSuite Sales Orders in Zendesk
  • Custom Records Tab (Warranty, RMA) build to your NetSuite specifications


  • Custom Zendesk Apps configured for NetSuite available for Enterprise subscribers.

 See More on Zendesk to CRM today!

NetSuite Role and Permissions level needed for integration please see here...

Zendesk Time Tracking for NetSuite is here!

Use Zendesk Time Tracking?  Sync it back to NetSuite for free inside SyncApps!


How Time Tracking Works in Zendesk


What does this error mean (Error code: INVALID_SEARCH_MORE)?


I have just received this error while attempting a full sync of NetSuite to Zendesk:

Error on sync: Invalid searchMore operation. Please make sure that you have had a successful search operation before you can perform any searchMore operation. (Error code: INVALID_SEARCH_MORE)


That error means there is another application doing a search while SyncApps is in the middle of getting a search result. The next sync should be fine if there is no interruption.

Do you have other integration/application connect to your NetSuite other than SyncApps? If so be sure and schedule your sync to run at another time to not interfere with other search occurring in NetSuite.

SugarCRM to MailChimp Integration for Customer Relationships

SugarCRM has been helping businesses in establishing exceptional customer relationships with its flexible, innovative and affordable CRM solution, unlike any other in the market.  It enables businesses to become immersive, intuitive and engaging that drive customer excellence and loyalty.

Meanwhile, MailChimp has been a superstar when it comes to email marketing.  With their integrations that allow one to send marketing emails, automated messages and targeted campaigns, enough to attract small businesses to grow with them.

Integrating these two powerful apps allows you to:

  • Sync SugarCRM accounts, contacts, leads and targets to MailChimp master list.
  • Update SugarCRM if subscribers update their profiles in MailChimp.
  • Connect multiple CRM instances to multiple MailChimp Accounts.
  • Filter and Sync only those records who meet a specific criteria from CRM.
  • Sync specific Target List members to MailChimp Group.
  • Add new contacts from MailChimp Group(s) to SugarCRM Target List(s) automatically.
  • And more

Following are just some of the points to know which other subscribers have encountered while they were using SugarCRM to MailChimp SyncApps integration.

Can a SugarCRM user select, inside SugarCRM, if a Target List can be synced or not?

  • Now, this is because SyncApps is not a plugin solution, thus it’s not part of the platform.

Is it possible to let your users to access SyncApps and instead manage their accounts for them?

  • SyncApps has an Enterprise plan for this where you can manage your clients solutions.  You just have to set it up for them then control it.

If a new subscriber is added to MailChimp, will a new lead be created in SugarCRM?

  • Wondering how SugarCRM to MailChimp integration works?  Earlier, we have provided some of the features of this specific integration.  To add is the said integrations feature which a new lead will be created in SugarCRM once a new subscriber is added to MailChimp.  How to achieve this?
    • Notice the selection in your Steps as the Module Type to Sync?  In the case below Contacts would be created if you land them in the MailChimp List in Step 2.

    • The first sync that is run after new email address subscribed will create the record (if contact profile, it will create contact; if lead profile, it will create lead)
    • We would suggest that you enable one way sync for one profile.  So if you want SyncApps to always create Lead for new subscriber, make Contact sync profile as one way sync.

We hope that this has helped you a lot.  But if ever you have questions, don't hesitate to drop us an email at

Features and Enhancements : Q1 of 2017

It was a great start for us as we have released 10 new features and enhancements for the 1st Quarter of the year!

So without further ado, here’s the list of SyncApps’ newly added features and enhancements for Q1 from January to March 2017.

New Features

  • MailChimp: Added support for Campaign summary metrics to CRM
  • Handshake: Added mapping for NetSuite Sales Rep and Handshake User Group
  • Constant Contact for Salesforce: Allow EventSpot registrant order total to be mapped to Salesforce Campaign Member
  • Dynamics CRM: List retrieval will retrieve updated record + newly added record to list
  • NetSuite: Make Customer account mappable


  • MINDBODY Customization: Sync second revenue category to Intacct
  • SugarCRM: Make "Assigned To" field available for mapping
  • Salesforce customization: Added support for Campaign name - Group title mapping
  • Xero for Handshake: Mapping Xero phone number to Handshake Bill To phone
  • Zendesk for NetSuite: Add option to not create Customer but only Contact

We hope that you find useful our features and enhancements announcement and we thank you for continued support to our product.

Don’t forget to check back with us as we will be posting additional announcements.  Please comment below if you have any questions or feedback and we will be happy to respond.  Remember, if you are experiencing technical difficulties, please submit a support ticket to to receive prompt and thorough assistance.


How can I get a copy of my Invoice?

SyncApps just keeps getting better. Invoice download is finally here! This year we launched a few key updates to SyncApps! Here's the new invoice area : 

save image 

Newly rolled out "Invoices Resend" on My Account in your SyncApps.

Until this year, the only way to get all your invoices was to check your email.  This was pretty helpful for getting invoices but if you missed one then what?

We have rolled out "Invoices Resend" on My Account so please head to your SyncApps dashboard, press "My Account" to get your last 10 invoices anytime you need them.

Zendesk for NetSuite syncing Modes

This can be found at Step 1 of your Sync Profile

save image


The Sync Mode option cannot be changed once selected. Please note that using two active Sync Profiles with different Sync Integration Modes could cause data synchronization problems. These are the following Supported modes:

Please note that using two active Sync Profiles with different Sync Integration Modes could cause data synchronization problems. These are the following Supported modes:

Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite Case (One-way ticket sync)

The Zendesk Ticket is synced to NetSuite Case and updates from Zendesk Ticket will always be synced to NetSuite Case. NetSuite Contacts or Customers can be synced to Zendesk User.

NetSuite Case to Zendesk Ticket (One-way ticket sync)

NetSuite Case is synced to Zendesk Ticket and updates from NetSuite Case will always be synced to Zendesk Ticket. NetSuite Contacts or Customers can be synced to Zendesk User.

Sync Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite Case only if NetSuite Case does not exist. Sync NetSuite Case update to Zendesk Ticket.

Sync Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite Case. A NetSuite Case is created in NetSuite if the Case does not exist at the time of sync. Any updates in NetSuite Case are synced back to Zendesk Ticket. Update to Zendesk fields is not synced to NetSuite Case fields. Syncs comments bi-directionally. NetSuite Contacts or Customers can be synced to Zendesk User.

This mode is for a scenario where Zendesk is used to receive support endpoint, NetSuite cases are created on every Zendesk ticket then support person works in NetSuite and updates NetSuite Status.

Status in NetSuite will then be updated to Zendesk ticket.

Do not sync Zendesk tickets.

If this mode is chosen then tickets from Zendesk are not synced to NetSuite Cases and users will not be synced from Zendesk to NetSuite as contacts or customers

Please check with the Cazoomi support team today to see which integration mode is best for your business.



NetSuite Customer record fields to Zendesk Organisation fields?


I’m just trying to confirm if there’s any way to sync information from NetSuite Customer record fields to Zendesk Organisation fields?

I’ve been able to set up syncing from NetSuite Customer record fields to Zendesk User fields only at this stage. The syncing options in SyncApps allow for Ticket and Customer.  The Customer fields relate only to the Zendesk User fields.

Is there any way to change this / a workaround available?

Or will SyncApps only ever sync NetSuite Customer info to the Zendesk User fields?


Please email our Support Team ( to turn on this customization in your SyncApps Account.

We can enabled "Allow organization fields mapping" customization for your account. Once enabled please refresh fields in the field mapping page.

Also, our team suggests to remove NetSuite Customer saved search in the configuration if you have one currently as SyncApps will use NetSuite Contact saved search to correlate the NetSuite Contact's Customer to Zendesk Organization.

Running into an error in this step in edit mode in your Sync Profile in Field Mapping?

Enable Additional Field Mappings

If you get an error like below then please add 'Custom Event Fields' permission to your NetSuite record to get around this hurdle.

  • Permission Violation: You need the 'Custom Event Fields' permission to access this page. Please contact your account administrator. (Error code: INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSION)
Unprocessed and filtered records

When using our powerful Filtering feature, SyncApps will only sync specific records that do not contain these Group/Role email addresses. Reason for this is that these are not "person" emails because they might cause spam complaints and blacklisting.

These are the following Group/Role email addresses that SyncApps will ignore when Filtering feature is enabled:

  • abuse@
  • admin@
  • all@
  • everyone@
  • ftp@
  • investorrelations@
  • jobs@
  • marketing@
  • media@
  • noc@
  • postmaster@
  • prime@
  • privacy@
  • remove@
  • request@
  • root@
  • sales@
  • security@
  • spam.*@
  • subscribe@
  • usenet@
  • users@
  • uucp@
  • webmaster@
  • www@
  • noreply@


If you are syncing any @yopmail emails with your email marketing this will cause errors to appear as MailChimp and others have banned this domain so to avoid any errors just set up a filter in SyncApps with "Email does not contain" criteria in your Sync Profile.

Syncing NetSuite Companies to Zendesk Organizations

One of our loyal subscribers asked for assistance on how to sync NetSuite Companies to Zendesk Organization.

See below the conversation between our CTO and the subscriber.


NetSuite companies that have the same name (like Allcare Pharmacy) are synced as one organization in ZenDesk.

Note there are 4 Allcare Pharmacy and one AllCare Pharmacy (with uppercase C) in NetSuite.

Note that Allcare Pharmacy has 4 contacts, these are the 4 contacts for the 4 NetSuite companies synced to one ZenDesk Organization.


save image


save image


For organization sync currently, we sync by company name. The problem is company name in NetSuite is not unique (the customer id is unique).

Note: To fix it you may need to make the company name in NetSuite to be named differently.- (This option can be used IF you have the permissions to edit the company name in NetSuite)

Or do you want to use Customer ID (like 106127 AllCare Pharmacy) instead of name to be used as organization name in Zendesk?


Customer ID (like 106127 AllCare Pharmacy) would work perfectly, thank you.  I was trying to figure out how to do that.

The problem with the company name is that is the name the company owners give it, not us.  We can't go changing their company names.


There’s an option to sync NetSuite customer Entity ID as ZD organization name.

To use NetSuite EntityID instead of company name you need to map "EntityID" to "Organization: Name".

save image


We have also enabled expression mapping feature(Please let our support folks know so that they may enable this feature) that can be used for combining field, in your case EntityID and company name. Please map the following expression to Organization name (see screenshot).

record.EntityID + ' ' + record.CompanyName

save image



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